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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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so does charlie gasparino, just saying. cavuto, charlie gasparino we know where you live, limo comes in the middle of the night, it is going to be an interesting night, see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, the white house today pressures chief economexecutive officers of somf the country largest cop rang to corporation to stay away from an international economic forum hosted by vladimir putin in russia later this month, valerie jared, treasury secretary jack lew, commerce secretary penny among top obama administration officials leading charge to dissuade the ceos. they trying to persuade giants alcoa, goldman sachs, pepsi, morgan stanley, conn conoco phis
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and others, latest salvo from obama administration is violence and eastern ukraine, overnight clashs in city. claiming lives of at least 4 ukrainian soldiers up to 30 pro russian separatists, secretary of state kerry pronounces himself quote, nothing less than disappointed with russia. vowing to impose more sanctions against russ succeed in derails a nationwide elect schedule for may 25. in ukraine. that tactic, criticized by democratic chairman and rangeing republican senators on the foreign relations committee, today. >> if we don't use this call break on sanctions in the way to prevent further incurring to the ukraine, we will find ourselves ewing those sanctions as an aftermath as we did in crimea. >> sometimes i think only
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strategy that administration has is getting people who talk about ukraine to look in the mirror, make sure they practice sounding tough. lou: nato commander, general philip moments ago announceed that nato may be forced to permanently station troops in eastern europe, as a deterrent to russian aggression. we have the first glimpse tonight of what house elect committee on benghazi will look like. 7 republicans, 5 democrats will make up the group, congressman trey goudie with his force public statements about what he plans to do about ending the obama administration stonewall, and get the truth about what happened the night that 4 americans were killed in benghazi. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the report. >> secretary of state john kerry, took a question today on benghazi. in whetherly would comply with
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the subpoena from government oversight committee. >> we'll respond. we have nothing to hide what so ever. i look forward to complying with whatever responsibilities we have. >> reporter: saying they would corporate, and what he described jury additional questions, the committee has not yet been created but chairman said that focus will be on former secretary of state, hillary clinton was never questioned by the state department investigation, known as account built review board, headed up by retired admiral mike mullen. >> how can you run an investigation without talking to the person in charge? the matter in which we talk to her, i can't tell you this morning, i can tell you this, anyone who has evidence or information is going it be talked to. >> as you know, secretary clinton is say private citizen but she also testified i believe for 5 hours on this case.
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case. >> reporter: this testimony, that announceed to 5 -- amounted to 5 minute answer and questions were disjointed today, nancy pelosi said that new select committee quote should be equally divide between democrats and republicans. >> it is not going to be eventually constituteed, when she was speaker nancy pelosi she showed no interest in having an equal number of republicans and democrats. >> reporter: new details come to life to develop a media strategy after fox news reported, that intelligence community knew within 24 hours that benghazi was a terrorist attack. the reporting by fox, that ran counter on the administration statement of the attack was subject of a 7 page e-mail chain among senior administration officials. >> 7 page dialogue concerning one fox news report, to me, tkepbldemonstrates an alarm bell
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situation reactinging to trying to shape a response. >> contents were withheld because government lawyers told a federal court that release of this information could be expected to shill the frank deliberation that occur which state department and other u.s. government officials are formulateing public responseed to address sensitive issues, within the last hour a senior hill source confirmed a the select committee will have 12 members, 7 republicans and 5 democrats if the democrats participate, a resolution at framework may be public this evening, lou. lou: thank you cart wi win wi -e herridge. >> joining us former u.s. ambassador to united nations fox news contribute or john bolton.
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>> if she disnot she risks being labeled as something with something to hide, she is lucky the way that house and senate committees handled her testimony on benghazi. you don't learn anything in the public hearings that has not been public. we need hours of deposition, and witness interviews with people before we have public hearing that is the right way to proceed. lou: the presumption being if the former secretary does not cooperate, she would forfeit her opportunity to run for president. at least successfuly. >> i think it would impair her ability, her only real claim of experience in being the branch is 4 years of secretary of state, a record of accomplishment is thin in the
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benghazi debalk old top is a problem. >> is if remark an she i -- reme she becomes focus, but this goes beyond the state department this involves cia also, and the administration. and the president of the united states he seems again to be out man everyinmaneuvering question, congress, and judicial watch. >> having served in three republican administrations, the subject of congressional inquiries, demands for documents and the like, i am stunned at what the obama administration has been able to withhold, if we tried that, we would have been made toast by media. when i was up for confirmation, joeed by know demanded drafts of speeches i had given, not the
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text but drafts, that is one example. yet this administration, hands over the minimal number the documents heavily redacted and the press yawns. lou: turn to ukraine. 30 pro russian separatists were killed by ukrainian forces. the violence is escalateing. no question. it is still relatively contained. what are your thoughts about united states should be doing right now, to forestall any fur movfurther move by putin in ukraine. >> we have lost 5 years really since obama took offers, pressing the famous reset broughton with russia. -- reset button with russia, they saw in moscow, correctly, as weakness, you have to make a decision whether we chair that putin can change boundaries, real economy sanctions, sweeping, beating well enforceed economic sanctions and political
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stips like bringing ukraine and georgia on the route to nato member. >> no question that united states looks impotent in the face of use of force by vladimir putin, no question. nato itself, ton people talk abt being threatened it seems bereft of energy, and relevance. >> this is a crisis sorry nato, europeans take fe taken it to gt refuge, but americans dragging european along this happen the time again, this is an american alliance that requires americanl leadership, that we are not supplies. lou: when we to make of what looks to be a importance strategyic sweep by the
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russians, working with the chinese on naval exercises. at the same time, chinese the russians, adhereing closer to iran. this looks like the creation of an iron triangle with long-term stragic ambitions. >> potentially it is. china is an energy-henry country, no body is watching what is happening in ukraine more closely than china. as you just said china sea is nato's weakness, they calculate to themselves if putin is get gecan getaway with it in ukrainn get away with it in the waters off our shore. lou: thank you ambassador, massachusets announce plan to ditch their on-line insurance
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exchange, they will pursue two possibilities for romneycare, use off of shelf software from a private company, merge it is federal obamacare he'll sa he'le move move, romney care will sooning subordinateed by obamacare. which makes massachusets the second state after oregon to scrap a disfunctional health care exchange in favor of what we describe as we're coming right back. >> nation's largest veterans grouch wants head to -- group wants heads to roll at va, they tell us whether veteran affair secretary does deserves to be f. we've never sold a house before.
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lou: country's largest veterans organization calls for resignation of veteran affair secretary-general eric. the va is under investigation itself after allegations that veterans died while waiting months for appointments and treatment. my next guest is a physician. an iraq war veteran, and we're joined by congressman brad wenstrup. congressman, your thoughts on the call for shin sakey's resignation. >> i am pleased an inspector general has been appointed to look at things, i am a member of the american legion, they are forthright and thoughtful in what they bridge forward, and so they feel there is a great need, they work with our veterans each
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day. i would like to see what inspector jenin general has to t no doubt there needs to be a shake up, as a doctor, i have been pleading with this, we have too many people in place that never been in a private sector or in a situation why they need to pro dice and be appreciate -- produce and be appreciate. lou: amongst those i respect, a number of retired generals who have views on shinsake and veteran's affairs, they have not been eager to call for shinsake's resignation, with that call, out, this is a very difficult course for him.
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>> we need a real moral change within the system, that itself may be good enough, i mitt last week, we took 4 doctors from va committee and met with administrative people, it took me a year to get to this points to talk about the inefficiencies of what goes on. this took me a year to get to this points, we got to it one thing they said is we're going to be more efficient, we have to change attitudes of people that work in the va's they are used to a slower pace that leads to that back up, so many people on waiting lists. it does not have to be that way. lou: and there seems to be an integrity issue in the va, that is where the lists, some cases hidden records, and the alleged deaths because of an intrackable
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bureaucracy within the va . >> this is unacceptible, it turns my stomach as a care provider that we could get to a situation like this, with our veterans especially, i don't know how people sleep at night, and we have got to make changes, our veterans deserve it, i will willing to lead the charge with other members of the va commit and doctors, we're eager to jump in to make a change for our veterans. >> i think it is safe to say, all americans are eager for you and your colleagues to fix this. fix it mighty quick. >> this is a stain, a stain on your history. and we could do better, fortunately we have people that are going to fight to make sure we do. i hope it does not take too long. lou: all right congressman thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> country's largest veterans group is the american legion,
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and they are insisting that general shinsake withdraw, as we look at what is ahead on the broadcast here for the remainder of the broadcast, we have an exciting new book that goes on sale today, it is called," border war" -- "boarder war." higmy first fk. we spend a year working on it, iit available at walmart, costcs near you, on-line,, barnes & noble. and coming up next here on the broadcast, carl cameron,
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up-to-date on the primary season which began today. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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lou: welcome back, now quotation of the evening, washington is generating so much rhetoric these days, i think it is easy to assume for manufacture americans this is the way a great nation operates in its capital city, but it is not. as our history demonstrates, words are never a sufficient match for action. >> teddy roosevelt was without doubt a quotable man of action. he said, rhetoric is a poor substitute for action, and we have trusted only to rhetoric if we're really to be a great nation we must not mere plea merely talk we mustag act big. i know we have quoteed teddy roosevelt in two consecutive broadcasts, teddy by the way, teaches us well.
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we choose to honor him for so doing. lou: turning to current political atmosphere with about 181 days remaining until midterms. and auction season is underway now. primaries held in 3 states, including two battle grounds we turn to fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with us. >> an easy way to remember, today is 6 months to the election day, so much of what is happening really is captured with what is going on in north carolina today. republican primary, multicandidate field, takeing on vulnerible senate democrat kay hagen. front-runner house speaker tom till is in north carolina, backed by jeb bush.
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if tillis gets 40% he will win will nomination, that is it otherwise it goes to a run off, he has two rivals, greg brandon, then pastor mark harris, a well-known baptist minister in north carolina. he is getting help from mike houk huckabee, 3 candidates and 3 white house hopefuls. they are all in place. play, tomorrow, watch for, highwaohio,gov kasich is up fort is expected that county executive. ed fitzgerald would be nominee. kasich is favored in the fall.
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now, all of this 2014, and 2016 congressional and white house overlap, has an impact. marco rubio, who has been quiet, is now in a chamber of commerce ad for cory gardner, republican nominee who is neck-and-neck in colorado against democratic incumbant mark udal. >> washington is risking when make america great, threatening what makes us unique, cory gardner, will help change all that. >> cory gardner is going after democrat that democratic party did not think they would have to worry about much, now super pacs, national outside interests pouring money into the state, rubio hopes to help mr. gardner and pick up ious in what could be a key state, and he endorseed
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ed jody ernst, in iowa. friday rubio heading to new hampshire we will give a big gl gal. gala. we'll see major primaries of virtually every tuesday day, at end that will give us a pretty good thing with things stand between the tea party and the establishment. you know it is getting bad when they say, maybe we can rely on our ads. it is looking tough for democrats and republicans are getting increasingly confident. lou: i infer from when you said, if we say a senator or governor or former governor involved in endorseing candidates, we can just assume they are going to run for president in 2016. that is looks to be the play?
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in these cases that is it they are trying to share their endorsement with candidates they think best represent the type of electorate in republican party they can court, in ron paul's case, libertarian leaning type tea partyers, and candidate in north carolina tomorrow, huckabee, who has not said whether he will run but he has been to iowa and new hampshire, he won iowa caulk us in 2008, and tpofpler gove former govern. he is endorseing a fellow pastor. this has a level of overlap. for republicans they suggestion they are eager for 14 expecting wins they see stal tailwinds pug sails strongly toward 2016, hillary clinton weighed in on gun debate today, said there has to be a tightening unyo up of rs and laws, well worth remembers in '90s when bill spadea was
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president, and assault -- bill clinton was president, and assault weapon ban pass that was a huge mistake. there you go 2014, 2016 overlapping. lou: carl the best of the, thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: carl cameron. >> on wall street stocks finished sharply lower, selling off 130 on the day, nazdaq down 57, crude oil up a fraction. gold dropped 70 cents. and yield on 10 year 2.60%. merck sel selling consumer careo be bayer. twitter shares plummeted nearly 18% after early investors and employees were a lowed to sell their stakes for first time since the company's ipo.
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>> whole food shares lower following an earning's miss. aley baba to raise up to 20 billion in largest public offering in american history, total numbers will reach for valuation around $120 billion. >> a revolution play come to home construct new reports that a chinese company using giant 3 day printers, can make 10 houses in one day. imagine that. the university of southern california, also building a 3-d printer, which that protkaougss prodeuces abasic -- produces a e in one day. a house is being built in amsterdam right now, they say that damage is revolutionary, would make housing more affordable and cut down on the hunt reds of -- hundred of
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annual construct deaths, we're coming right back. stay with us. >> nba commissioner adam silver banned him for life, but clippers owner sterling appears ready to fight for his team, attorneys lis wiehl, and doug burns next.
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lou: the nba announcing the clippers president is taking an indefinite leave of absence effective immediately the latest development following the racist remarks made from the clippers owner serving. now shopping for a powerhouse law firm. with the nba over his band -- a and if the sale of the
7:35 pm
tea will be upheld the court. now the alleged mistress is speaking about her relationship with the recent interview with barbara walters. >> did you love him? >> i love him. >> that is not what i asked. are you in love with him? >> like a friend? >> i love him like a father figure. lou: joining us now the "a team". thank you for being here. the alleged mistress seems like she is so cuddly. [laughter] that she loved him like a father? >> but she also said there was no sexual relationship. who knows? she also said she was his
7:36 pm
right-hand and his arm and it was complete nonsense. >> i did not have? without woman? come on. lou: but she is not a politician. [laughter] >> but she did not leak the recording she did it at his behest. that is what she says that she did it i am just reporting. >> he wanted her to record them then he said that knowing that? if you believe that i can sell you a bridge in brooklyn. >> and credibility does not matter much. and he said talking to a number of firms it looks like the nba has a fight.
7:37 pm
>> he is very litigious any way but now looking at losing the money in losing face. but the argument could be yes i signed off with a contract but i did not give away my constitutional right you cannot take away that right to private property. >> but they have language such as conduct inimical to the nba and the sport. they can rely on that. but he will have the position i did not violate the provisions in the charter. so there is the free-speech argument. so there was no racial epithets. and i realize the way
7:38 pm
sentiment goes but but they will look at the billable hours. >> no. [laughter] >> as a you suggest this process that has been taken here he has not been given due process. >> but there will be one. and the people circling? this is about money. assume for the sake of argument the nba had reason to know they he was racist. so you say why didn't they address it? but this time it was such a public outcry.
7:39 pm
>> but the people who will now enforce that against him with everything that they use as the basis to sell his team, what kind of standing do they have? >> it cannot be enforced unless it is illegal to. >> you are stopped from arguing your conduct a violates the rules over 20 years and you ratified that. >> but there is no legal arguments. >> biggest the illegal contract because it goes against federal law for for seven rights. -- for first amendment
7:40 pm
rights. >> if they stripped him of his property unfairly also the first amendment free speech rights that could be more reports sent superego over the contract. that is the argument. lou: in reality the natural reflex because he is a litigious owner. >> a great point. he will litigate and tie it up. >> to say that she is in part owner and in concurrence with the nba as they try to take the team. how complicated? >> now with a divorce proceeding. but that is another strategy to initiate the divorce not that i am trying to give him advice but initiate then
7:41 pm
that ties that property. lou: don't worry about the advice because there's so much money. your respective of the issue of funding without question. the nba and everyone else this is about money. >> and public opinion is a funny thing. they're not sanguine about taking away based of the case. lou: we have to leave it there. thank you. up next the struggles with law enforcement on the mexican border and the new book "border war" i am joined by my co-author of the book former dea agent top florida law enforcement
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lou: and the federal government blaming ups for mistaking lee sending a box that contained parts to a $350,000 government drone to lead new york college student. he said he ordered a weightlifting bench was shocked when he opened the box it was addressed to him and it contained wings and a control panel. it turns out those are parts of the odd man aircraft of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration would use to track bird migration. and our government is now working efficiently? they say they are recovering the parts and ups says it is
7:46 pm
investigating and the student enjoys his moment of notoriety. with the creation of the house select committee on benghazi we have now entered a new phase of the scandal at the inflection point. the word this evening is over that means a change or variation of direction or course. joining me now former d.a. agent special agent with the florida department of law enforcement and my co-author james born. congratulations to us for the book:on sale today. how do you feel? >> i feel great. nice to be here. of. lou: let's go to the idea
7:47 pm
you can write a fiction books about something we know a little bit about the bad guys and the good guys around the border and what is really happening. how do you feel today about that part of the story and the narrative we have created? >> when you think of the course of a couple of years and finished it more than one year ago. we hit on some sensitive issues that are in the news today specifically the nsa nsa, led the capture and some of the violence of the border. if we wrote the book last month i don't know if we would have changed anything. lou: will i say this out loud? we got lucky because the cartel also figures prominently you in the narrative and the reality
7:48 pm
that is the border. what i have been struck by and there is no corruption on this side. all of those issues is quite an experience for me as a first timer to one's imagination. it is quite a journey. >> fiction is a lot of fun. my first novel published tenures ago i read an article by one of the first cops turn to writers and he talked about how he was sued on some of the nonfiction books and that does not have been in fiction. that was enough to keep me all the interested in fiction. but that does not mean you
7:49 pm
cannot tell an accurate story but you are just not talking about specific people. lou: you just scared the but jesus out of our editor talking like that. [laughter] we should send an e-mail that it will be good. it has been such fun working with you and we have a sequel coming out even as this book hits the shelves. should we do that? or is it a secret? >> we just did. lou: it is great to talk with you. congratulations. and i appreciate it. you are a class act and a good guy and a great friend. >> thank you very much. lou: james born a terrific writer dates you day he remains a public servant on
7:50 pm
the line with as a florida state law enforcement officer. the book is called "border war" i guarantee you will have a hoot when you read it go to lou for links to every where. my commentary next on the of presidents desperately trying to change the conversation. this time from benghazi to global warming or global change and your comments are next. unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet?
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lou: you may have been surprised by the white house decision today to focus on the subject that most americans don't care about and there is disagreement. you may also have been more
7:54 pm
surprised by the white house joey's of language that it considers to be the most important issue of the day. climate change described as global warming and global cooling decades before. now there is a new term it has decided he had to replace those terms and the new description is klein the disruption -- climate disruption. catchy don't you think? and to maximize the attack -- the chances you will be scared they released and 840 page report. the national climate assessment report. we must act now because changes have already damaged every part of the planet and it is only getting worse. though warnings are so dire the president is giving
7:55 pm
eight television interviews to meteorologist to have the lead -- the latest effort to spin the news away from steve ben gauzy scandal. unimaginable. if the kleiber report were a serious policy effort, wouldn't mr. obama insisted in the 840 pages somewhere of that report there would be at least one mention of possible solutions or policy choices for the cost to fix something? maybe there will be a sequel we can only hope. time now for a few of your comments and we have a special surprise for those comments authors you will receive one of the first copies of my new book "border war" thriller fiction code which did with
7:56 pm
former dea agent james born officer. your thoughts. on the collection of the collection of scandal. >> keep your plan and your doctor and benghazi was about a video. just kidding. don't we wish the president had been? >> if they cannot get to the truce with tray at the people they never will. >> the scandal has to be hammered until there is a breakthrough. if this was perpetrated under a republican he would have been in peach long ago. keep your comments coming. e-mail me at follow-ups on twitter or go to the facebook page and thinks at tomorrow john negroponte
7:57 pm
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report." have a great night. si mb neil: we have some obamacare three states in big trouble with 47 to go.out. massachusetts and/or lend all facing problems with the exchanges and we have my buddy here talker carl some. i want to bring my panel here as well. with my superstars. the latest reid at the mont


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